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How to Use a SCORE Counselor
You probably know about free, confidential SCORE counseling.
But let us suggest ways to use these valuable resources:
Your SCORE Counselor can be help your business succeed in countless ways.

  • To get feedback on a business idea
  • To obtain a review and comments on your initial business plan
  • To get ideas about what to put in different sections of a business plan
  • To get help thinking through new product ideas
  • To discuss staffing problems, get comments on job descriptions
  • To get feedback on time management and priorities
  • To get comments on marketing materials and sales messages from a marketing pro
  • To have a mentor with whom you can meet regularly, maybe quarterly, to systematically review progress towards financial and business goals
  • To get ideas for financing resources and expert advice on how to present your application
  • To get a critique from an industry expert in your field
  • To learn how to better market using social media, like Facebook, Twitter, blogging, YouTube
  • To learn about online adverting with Adwords, Facebook etc
  • To have someone with whom you can practice your sales pitch
  • To review and improve cash flow management

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